In Clinic Treatments

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Acne Treatments

Signature Blackhead Melting

The ultimate deep clean with advanced electrical modalities. This facial treatment is designed to actively soften and help minimise existing congestion and prevent new formations whilst calming angry lesions. Skin will feel clean, fresh, and hydrated.

Blackhead Softening

A deep cleansing facial treatment with high level enzymes to effectively exfoliate and smooth the skin. Herbal and botanical extracts loosen impactions, calm inflammation and restore barrier function.

Signature Impure Detox

An intensely calming facial treatment for those who suffer from hormonal or cystic type breakouts to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin. An infusion of serums and LED are incorporated to aid skin repair and reduce scarring.

Botanical Calming

A gentle skin treatment designed to reduce inflammation and redness in painful cystic type breakouts and rebuild the barrier. Skin will feel fresh, calm, and hydrated.

Rosacea Treatments

Signature Redness Relief

Instant relief for sensitised skins! Gentle enzymes smooth the skin's surface without disrupting the delicate barrier. An infusion of serums, LED and our Rose and Chrysanthemum mask are used to seal in repairing actives whilst cooling and soothing the skin.

Soothing Rose

Soothing and calming for even the most sensitive skins. Designed to help repair an impaired barrier, restore hydration, and cool and calm red, angry skins.

Anti-Aging Treatments

Signature Dermal Lift

The ultimate nonsurgical face lift! Harnessing the power of botanical active infusion, LED, microcurrent technology, and our award-winning Peptide Sheet Mask. Vitality is restored.

*For best results, 6-10 treatments are recommended no more than 14 days apart. Results may vary.

Skin Rejuvenator

Rejuvenate a tired, lack lustre skin. High level enzymes polish the skin's surface and our award winning Peptide Sheet Mask will leave your skin will feeling instantly refreshed and plumped.

Pigmentation Treatments

Signature Ayurvedic Brightening

Reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone with biological enzymes and Ayurvedic herbal extracts activated with LED. Our Native Australian Caviar Lime Sheet Mask will brighten and refresh the skin.

Even Glow Brightening

Diminish pigmentation with gentle biological enzymes and both Ayurvedic and Australian herbal extracts that will smooth and soothe the skin.

Express Treatments

Express Keratozyme

Instantly brighten and refresh the skin with a treatment short enough to fit into a lunchbreak. Skin will feel immediately smoother and radiant. Perfect for a pre event pick-me-up!