Clinic of the month - Debra Lendrum - Appletree Beauty 

Debra Lendrum - Appletree Beauty - Toowoomba 

What lead you to be a skin therapist?

I wanted to do something  I love and enjoy. If you work every day with purpose and passion on something that makes you happy, it will never feel like work. But the biggest reason of all was to help people feel good and get a relaxed beauty session, instead of it being quick and uneventful.  Having my own business  gave me the control I wanted to do this.

What are you top three products in Roccoco that you can't live without?

OK this was really really hard for me, I love all of them.

But if I have only got an option for three, it would be, Ruby Crystal cleanser,  CPR cream, Blueberry age please add Papaya Radiance Peel.

How has having Roccoco changed the way you treat skin?

The way Roccoco  has helped me treat skin, is to get results , On skin that would ordinarily have been difficult  to treat. Problems  like Eczema etc so many of my clients  have relief, including  my family. To have someone get relief from so much pain, itching and ulcerating skin from using Roccoco, gives me so much pleasure.

The best products I have ever tried.