What lead you to be a skin therapist?

I worked in a pharmacy for many years and dealt with a lot of skin products which familiarised me with what people were really wanting for their skin.  I wanted to know more, however 40 years ago beauty therapy in the country was not really a thing. Fortunately, I took an opportunity to become a Beauty Therapist through remote studies and did my practical hours in Narrogin WA.

I have not stopped wanting to learn more and will continue to deliver results-driven treatments and skin care.

What are you top three products in Roccoco that you can't live without?

My three favourite products from Roccoco are:

-Soothing Oil Cleanser Face and Body 

-Overnight Recovery Mask

-Frangipani and Lychee Body Cream

What's your greatest achievement since having your business?

My biggest achievement is building a very successful business alongside two excellent colleagues Nicole Westaway and my daughter Brittney. 

We have so much fun, and our industry is very rewarding. 

How has having Roccoco changed the way you treat skin?

Roccoco is a very innovative product that delivers sensational results. 

Founder Jacine Drummond is amazing with creating products that really deliver.

I love being in a room with Jacine for a day as I come away so motivated and informed.

Roccoco works with the skin and not against the skin in a very gentle approach concentrating on the skin barrier.