What is the Acne Biofilm

Are you troubled with acne skin conditions?

Have you ever felt that your acne just isn't getting any better? It could be that organisms are forming within the skin to protect the infectious bacteria you're trying to eliminate.

I know! It sounds complicated. But don't worry; let me explain what's going on and what you can do to tackle acne infection and heal your skin. 

Let's start with the bacteria within your skin.

Typically, acne forms when follicles become blocked due to excessive sebum production and dead skin cells.

If you've developed acne, you probably have a bacterial infection within your skin known as Propionibacterium and usually shortened to P.Acnes

Propionibacterium acnes, which thrive in a lipid-rich environment such as the skin on the face, chest and back, become infected and inflamed, leading to a pimple or blemish.

What is the acne biofilm?

Recent scientific studies show a link between P.Acnes and a biofilm that forms around the bacterium to protect it, making antimicrobial treatments ineffectual. 

Biofilms form a sticky coating that adheres to the follicle wall preserving acne bacteria and allowing them to flourish. 

You could think of biofilm as the sticky coating around a toffee apple. Unless you can get beyond that sticky toffee, that big juicy apple is impervious to your attempts to eat it.  

Unfortunately, biofilm formation in your skin means the usual methods for tackling acne will not work. It's as if acne bacteria are resistant to any antimicrobial remedies you've used to resolve the problem of acne skin conditions.

Managing acne bacterial infection for clear skin. 

To manage and eliminate the acne bacteria, we must first remove the protective biofilm. 

Key skincare ingredients can remove the acne biofilm and stop it from reforming, resolving the acne-associated bacterial infection. 

Roccoco Botanicals has harnessed the potency of three key ingredients to remove acne biofilm. 

Yeast ferment extract, Magnolia extract, and Oregon grape actively remove the biofilm, allowing antimicrobial ingredients to control P.Acnes infection. 

Clean Clear Confident Teen Line Kit.

A fuss-free botanical solution for managing problematic teenage skin naturally. 

Our Clean, Clear, Confident 3-Step anti-blemish system is explicitly designed for the needs of teenage skin. 

Combining active botanicals such as Yeast ferment extract to clear away the acne biofilm and Bakuchiol and Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract to help unclog pores. 

Magnolia extract inhibits the acne biofilm from reproducing. It also prevents mild acne from progressing to moderate, severe and cystic acne conditions. 

Agapanthus africanus extract inhibits enzymes in the skin that cause inflammation in acneic skins, reducing pain & inflammation and increasing calm within the skin. 

Our Clean, Clear Confident 3-step anti-blemish teen line calms the skin and assists in the reduction of inflammation for healthier and smoother glowing skin.

Eruption Emulsion

An anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial moisturising cream designed to alleviate inflammation caused by breakouts while supporting ceramide production to maintain skin resilience.  

Eruption Emulsion is a blend of antimicrobial and herbal ingredients to assist in the reduction of impurities and aid healing while strengthening the skin's immunity, leaving the skin feeling calm and hydrated.

Mandelic + Fusion

Our Mandelic + Fusion is a calming serum formulation and a potent anti-inflammatory AHA serum designed to soothe and smooth the skin's texture. Gently reduce the appearance of impurities and release congestion while controlling the bacterial infection. 

Mandelic acid is a gentle alpha hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds to gently exfoliate the skin while breaking down acne biofilm, eliminating acne bacteria, and restoring skin health.

The natural vitamin A alternative, Bakachiol, improves cell renewal and supports skin function. 

Oregon Grape assists in the reduction of bacteria in the skin as it provides soothing comfort to inflamed skin.

If you'd like further assistance with your problematic skin conditions, contact us here or book a skin consultation here.

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September 19, 2022